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Taking the Usual and Making It Unusual

You know, sometimes it gets a little boring when you eat out at the same place all the time, ordering the same old stuff. It all begins to look and taste the same. Well, thanks to a new exploding trend, it doesn’t have to be that way any more. Recently the world has seen an explosion of food on wheels, and thanks to vending trucks and mobile kitchens, eating will never be the same again!

And the best part? You can be part of that new trend. With a good workable plan, and a little scouting-out-the-market, you can be one of the growing vending truck trendsetters – out to cut your own slice out of the mobile food market pie!

Everyone is looking for a new way to do old things – to reinvent what’s already been done and then improve it. And a really fun and profitable way of doing that is taking your normal everyday food and putting a unique twist on it. Like mac and cheese with pork or chicken on a bun topped with a mayo/butter sauce. or mixing up a batch of fresh lavender lemonade. Or you can take an old American standby like french fries or ice cream, and come up with some amazing variations on it. There’s one vending truck that puts everything under the sun on top of their skinny fries and yet another company that specializes in organic ice cream where even the wrappings are edible!

You can literally take something ordinary and boring and turn it into something extraordinary with just a little imagination and creativity. Be brave – experiment and don’t be afraid to blaze new trails! With your own vending truck, you can make eating out an experience again, even if it’s just a quick lunch for the harried folk at the office.


Creative or Just Plain Crazy?

It’s easy to get carried away when it comes to food – there’s even one vending truck sells snail lollipops! And sometimes wacky can be really good for business, but be careful…your menu will ultimately make or break you.

You have to know that there’s a market for what you want to sell. If your menu is a little quirky, it’s best to test it on a few folks first. Have taste-testing surveys and get opinions from potential customers (not just your family) to see what they like and don’t like – and why.

If it’s really way out there, you’re taking a big risk. It could pay off, or it could break your bank if you’ve invested a lot of time and money into it already. The potential for failure goes down dramatically if you can find some people in your target demographic to test your delicacy and give you honest feedback before you mass-market it to the hungry public.


Get Your Slice of This Billion Dollar Industry

There are opportunities abounding for the eager entrepreneur everywhere in the vending truck business. You just have to find your little corner of it and stake your claim. In these tough economic times, people are looking to get their money’s worth, whether it’s a 2 pound t-bone steak or a lowly corn dog. They crave value with good taste, handed to them with courtesy and a beaming smile. This is something you can give them. And what you’ll get back in return is just as satisfying!


So How Do I Get Started?

In starting your vending truck business, you have to approach it like any other business venture – with research, a written plan of action of projected costs and future ideas for growth and expansion, and a really good vending truck that suits your needs. You have to be able – and willing – to meet all the safety and sanitation regulations, acquire all the permits and licenses required, and be approved by your local Health Department. Sometimes that’s not an easy feat, but with a little determination and true stamina, you can do it.

When it’s time to buy your perfect vending truck, take your time and scout around for the best deal – new, used, custom-built or rented. Make sure that it has all the equipment you’ll need to cook and serve your unique menu. Are you serving all hot foods? All cold foods? Both? Will you need an oven, microwave, fryer, griddle, toaster or stove? What about a fridge or freezer? Heat lamps? How much room will you need in order to prepare the food? How many employees are you planning on having inside the truck at one time? How much storage space do you need?

Your choice in vending truck depends on what you serve and how you serve it, so give it some thought before making such a big purchase.

But if ‘big’ isn’t in your budget to start off with, you can get them in all sizes as well as ones built on the back of motorcycles…no trailer needed!

The next important thing to decide what part of town you want to set up shop in. One of the determining factors to that dilemma is WHO do you want to cater to? College kids? The drinking crowd? The workaholics? Maybe park or beach goers? The sports crowd? Factory or construction workers? Or perhaps just a specific location in town that you’ve had your eye on?

Focus your route on the customers that want the items you are selling – some groups of people may be more inclined to certain foods than others (such as women often want a healthier variety of choices and men usually require something with meat and substance).

Choosing your route is probably the hardest part of all of it, especially when you have to take into account what locations your permit restricts you to when it comes to parking or serving food. And of course, the more stops you have to make on a route, the more stressful it can be. If you prefer, you can always opt to park somewhere more permanent and let the customers find you by posting your daily route in advance on Twitter and Facebook.

You can also use social media to bring in new customers by offering discounts, using polls and surveys to refine and expand your menu, and having contests with great prizes so you can really build your brand and your following. In no time the word will spread and you’re on your way!

Vending Trucks

It’s never easy to start a new business and it’s loads of hard work and expense in the beginning, but you can do this if you keep your vision in focus and become passionate and excited about what you do and why you are doing it. This is your time to shine!

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Happy Trucking!
Frank Fleming

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