Want to Own a Great Mobile Restaurant?!

A Short Guide to Starting Your Very Own Restaurant On Wheels

This recession has been tough for a lot of folks, but some resourceful ones are finding a new lease on life!

Picture this….

You no longer have to take orders from someone who does not appreciate your hard work, your sacrifice, or your ideas. You can go to work when you want. Your schedule is YOUR schedule. You get to call the shots. If the weather is bad, you can stay in bed. If your kid is sick – don’t come in. Want a 3 week vacation in Acapulco? Take it.

Experience all of this while still making more money than you ever dreamed of in your lifetime.

Curious? Fascinated? Enthralled?

Good! Read on and learn how you can be all of those things and more. Discover how you can finally have FUN doing a job that you love while giving people something they want.


“I Can Totally Do This Better!”

I am sure at one time or another you have thought of starting your own restaurant, right? We have all been to a restaurant where we looked at the food sitting in front of us and thought, “I can do way better than this! Why am I not a chef? Why is this not my restaurant?!”

And it’s true that having your own restaurant has its advantages – being your own boss, sharing your passion for cooking and creativity, while meeting tons of new people and earning a great living. Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it?

But it has a LOT of drawbacks, too.

Here’s a rather startling (and upsetting) fact – A lot of brick and mortar restaurants open every day, only to close soon after, suffering a dismal failure. A survey by Cornell University found that in the first year, 27% of all restaurants fail. And after the 3 years…about 50% of those restaurants were no longer open! Why? There are many reasons, but I’ve listed some of them below:

  • Bad location (what do we say, people? LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION!)
  • Owners not wanting to work
  • Bad managers (you are who you hire)
  • Taxes not being paid (oh, that’s not good…)
  • Bad customer service (that’s a killer for sure)
  • Payroll too high (too many working for too much)
  • Poor advertising
  • Cost of food is not in proportion to profit

There are more, of course, but you get the idea. A brick and mortar restaurant is a big business alright – big headache, big investment, big overhead. And let’s be brutally honest – it has a big chance of failing.


Why Am I Telling You All This?

Because many of the above failures were due to the restaurant being a brick-and-mortar one. It was a huge undertaking, usually having to do with the owner biting off more than he/she could chew (excuse the obvious metaphor).

And I’m also telling you this because in recent years a new way to realize your dream of owning a restaurant has emerged…and with it a way to do it with minimal risk and investment!

Now you can overcome, go around, get through, and jump over all those reasons that regular stationary restaurants fail – by opening a mobile one.

Restaurants on wheels (often called ‘bustaurants’) are the latest craze in the foodservice industry and they are exploding like a chocolate lava cake onto streets all over the country. More and more come on the scene each day with new twists on old favorites, recipes handed down from relatives, or traditional American fare – all served fast and with a smile.

Starting a mobile restaurant is the perfect way to make a great living doing what you love to do!


This Sounds Great – So What Do I Do Now?

It’s time to get down to the nitty gritty and figure out how to succeed where others have failed. Let’s take those reasons and boil them down to a mobile restaurant prospective, shall we?

  • Location – with a mobile restaurant, you get to MOVE your location to wherever the customers are. Business dries up in one neighborhood, just move to another one.
  • Owner not working – ok, we KNOW that you are ambitious and a go-getter, and besides, this is YOUR business. You know before you go into it how much work is involved, but you also know how rewarding and lucrative it can be.
  • Bad managers – you ARE the manager, so that problem’s solved! You won’t want to fire yourself, so do your job well and have fun with it.
  • Taxes not being paid – you have to know this part before you ever get started. Ask questions, do your research and get professional help. Pay attention to what taxes are due and when, and always be prepared.
  • Bad customer service – this is a biggie. You are the face, hands, heart and soul of your business. It’s ultimately up to you to offer not only great food, but great service – and with a big smile. Spend time with your customers when you can – get to know your customers, remember what they like to order and any special requests and treat them like family. And if you reach out and connect with them on Twitter and Facebook, in time they will be like family.
  • Payroll too high – you will know if you are paying yourself too much or too little. If it’s not enough, take it up with the boss. Since you are the boss, you can refuse! Seriously though, part of good planning means you come into this prepared. Know how much you can afford to pay your employees and yourself, and still make a profit. And it’s only smart to have 6 – 12 months of payroll in a savings account just in case you don’t hit the jackpot right off.
  • Poor advertising – this is so easy to avoid nowadays! Set up a Facebook fan page and offer discounts or name-that-food contest, and post your daily route on it and on Twitter and Linkedin. Make it fun and ask your customers to upload pics of themselves at your mobile restaurant and with the food they ordered. In time you will have food junkies following you everywhere. It’s cheap and it can be a blast if you get really savvy with it.
  • Cost of food is not in proportion to profit – the running percentage out there is about 30% markup, give or take a few percent. If your corn dog costs you a dollar to buy, try to sell it for about 3.00 or 3.50, or whatever easily covers your overhead and gives you a decent profit. This is often the toughest part – trying to figure out what to charge and finding that sweet spot between profit and affordability. Ask around, do some industry research and see what others are doing and how it works for them.

Mobile Restaurant

Does This Sound Like Your Dream Come True?

It can be! With a mobile restaurant, you are in charge and you can keep it in line. It’s small enough to control it and stay on top of everything without getting too overwhelmed – the costs, the profits, the taxes, employees, where you take your truck, where you park it. All of it. In the mobile restaurant business, the stress is less, the headaches are less, the overhead is a LOT less, and you have fewer employees to worry about and to pay.

What’s not to love? It’s a win-win!

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Happy Trucking!
Frank Fleming

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